Coloring stage with gema system

Washing and drying system

In this stage, by using substances such as phosphate and chromate the grease will be removed from the work pieces and dried with hot air; then, the metal surfaces will be prepared for coloring.

Coloring stage with gema system

In this stage, work pieces will be transferred to the coloring cabin and treated with a powder coating system. Then, they will be heated at about 200 centigrade degree to allow the color to flow and form a “skin”. Air conveyer is used when the work pieces are transferred to the coloring line.

Powder colors cover about 9-12square meter of the metal surface with just one kilogram of color consumption; and the least amount of wastage (about 5%). The powder color treated surface are durable and even after the coloring, work pieces can be pressed. Using these kinds of colors is absolutely environmental freindly

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